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Memorable experiences never to forget

Zeiselberg biergartenTo many people, Zeiselberg, which towers over the city by some 60 meters at a height of almost 400 meters above sea level, is a foothill of the Swabian Alb that extends into the old town of Schwäbisch Gmünd and that is the fact.

Students have been making a pilgrimage to the Schlossberg for decades to enjoy the magnificent views of the city but I think more importantly, it was an excuse to visit the Biergarten am Zeiselberg there.

Those lucky enough to have visited on a warm summer evening, sitting under the two old linden trees, enjoying a wine, cool beer or cider or two, having something hearty to eat and in good company, it takes on a whole new ambience and a memorable experience that one will never forget.
Photo: Mario Klaiher

A restoration of the biergarten and the building of a viewing platform for the state horticultural show in 2014 began the transformation and recapture of the whole mountain area which was completely overgrown with carob and blackberry bushes.

platform & slideThe viewing platform, built with a 5% incline weighs 3.5 tons and extends 5.5 metres to provide fantastic panoramic views of Schwäbisch Gmünd with particularly good views of the 700 year old, 40 meter high Königsturm, the old synagogue in the Jewish quarter, the town hall and the beautiful Heilig Kreuz Münster with its huge nave and tiny tower on top.

Photo: Ingeborg Nagele

Add to this the background of forest rising in the distance to complete the picture perfect views and it's no wonder time easily drifts by and unforgettable memories are framed, to treasure forever.

The hit for children and young people is the almost 30 metre long giant slide to keep them busy all day.

stones way

Gone now are the blackberry bushes and weeds, with new landscaping the mountain is gradually turning green again, even the first vines are growing
on the slopes.

Access is easy, even for those less able, a stepless path over a ramp twists
in a serpentine from the city up and back down again.

When it's dark, innovative motion detectors switch on semi-precious stones
such as Calcite orange (orange), Rose quartz (pink), Rock crystal (transparent) or Amethyst (purple) embedded into the wall to light the way in four different colours.

Photo Antonia Nieddu

So next time you pay a visit to Gmünd to stay with friends, make sure you plan a 'kleine Pause' at Zeiselberg, it's a must!

Savour the atmosphere, soak in the views, you're sure to bring back home a whole lot more than you went with.
Good memories are most often created without conscious effort, but I believe the best thing is making them.

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