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"Covid - Third level status declared in Gmünd"

Gmünd – 23/10/2020 - 13.15

Baden-Württemberg is now in the critical phase. In view of the highly dynamic development of the number of infections, the state government has declared the third level status of the pandemic. This means the standard Corona rules of hands, face and space will be supplemented by stricter measures that will apply nationwide.
The new regulations came into effect on Monday, October 19. These additional more far-reaching measures now apply to everyone, nationwide, regardless of the local incidence rate.

The Ostalb district currently has a total of 2397 cases with 40 cases in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Of the total cases in the Ostalb district, hospital cases stand at 194: Active cases 198: a total of 47 deaths have been recorded and 2152 cases have been released from hospital isolation. Laboratory tests have confirmed 2203 cases. This gives an infection rate during the past 7 days of 57 per 100,000 inhabitants but there are fears that this will rise further. (Figures quoted as of 22/10/20)

Just like here in England, they have witnessed an age shift to younger age groups, there is currently a lower proportion of severe cases with correspondingly lower occupancy of hospital beds, but many areas are still affected by the increasing spread of COVID-19, which in turn has led to an increased risk for vulnerable groups. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the local health authorities to identify all the contact persons of newly infected people.

So, what are their new rules?:

• Nationwide obligation to wear a face mask in the areas dedicated to pedestrian traffic and public facilities as well as publicly accessible areas in the open, if there is a risk that the minimum distance cannot be maintained.
• The private meeting of people is limited to a maximum of 10 people or two households.
• Any gatherings are limited to 10 people or two households.
• The number of participants for events is limited to 100.
• Schools: With the change to the Corona rules is a nationwide obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover from grade 5 in secondary schools and in vocational schools, including in lessons.
• Restriction of non-school use of the school buildings.
• Day care centres: Consistent distance in group formations remains.
• Universities: Obligation to wear a face mask, even when seated.

In addition, cities and rural districts with an incidence rate of more than 50 / 100,000 inhabitants can take more extensive, even stricter local measures, such as night curfews, by means of a general order. Where possible, citizens have been asked to reduce their number of contacts and also refrain from travelling.

I knew it would all end in tiers !

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Stay Safe everyone !

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