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Posted 18/05/15

The Saga continues.....

staufer saga
Schwäbisch Gmünd together with the Tourism & Marketing Department and the newly formed ‘Staufer Saga Society’ are planning a new version of Stephan Kirchenbauer-Arnold’s " The Staufer Saga." to be performed in the open air theatre arena in 2016.

The date is especially significant as 2016 marks the 750th anniversary that the last Staufer Konradin on 26.12.1266 left the Gmündern for Italy to inherit the position of emperor in the Staufer Dynasty. This scene is an integral part of the play and provides an historically proven authenticity by the lavish and lovely costumes and other facilities together with the brilliant location.

From June 24 until July 8, there will be eight additional performances in the specially constructed Staufer Arena on the Johannisplatz and in addition there are two special performances planned for family members of all the contributors and for club members. Schwörhaus Schwörhaus Schwäbisch Gmünd

SchwörstabeSchwörstabeThe conclusion of the Gmünder Staufer Festival 2016 falls on the weekend of 9th and 10th July 2016 on which Schwäbisch Gmünd once had a great tradition which fell into disuse in the 19th century.  The Schwörtage (oath swearing ) took place from 1343 to 1802. Gmünd today still has a Schwörhaus (town store for corn, weapons and valuables) and Schwörstab (ceremonial mace). Those responsible would like to introduce this tradition.

This consists of the traditional Schwörritual in which practically the whole town including the people, the councillors and the mayor swear their loyalty to and pledge to work for the good of the community and to defend it.

Following this ceremony there is planned a fair and also an entertaining contest between all the outlying districts and the town centre, twelve teams competing in twelve events to find one winner.


The program will recreate the highly successful atmosphere of the Staufer market around the cathedral, a Staufer tournament in Ledergasse, a Staufer camp along the boulevard and the Stauferzug parade on Sunday.

Responsibility for this great project falls to a familiar trio, Kathrin Bechstein will take over directing and staging the Staufer Saga, Carmen Bäuml assumes the coordination of the participants and helpers for all the projects whilst overall Schwörtage Staufer organization is in the hands of Alexander Groll.

The Staufer Saga Association  headed by chairman Richard Arnold and the deputy chairman Gundi Mertens and Jürgen Musch and the Board members Sonja Westphal, Jochen Pahlke and Konni Mangold will also support the trio.

All of them can draw on extensive experience and from previous Staufer success, so there will be no doubt that in 2016 the "Gmünder Schwörtage Staufer Festival" will be another important tourist and national and international success for the city.

Another one NOT to miss !

The performance dates 2016:

Friday , June 24 - Premiere
Saturday, June 25 ­ 2nd Performance
Sunday, June 26 - ( Staufer Saga Club Performance )
Tuesday, June 28
Wednesday,June 29
Friday, July 1
Saturday, July 2
Sunday, July 3 - (Family Performance )
Tuesday, July 5
Friday, July 8
Saturday, July 9 - Staufer market Schwörtag
Wednesday,July 6 - Public Viewing in the arena of European Cup (semi-finals)
Thursday, July 7 - Public Viewing in the arena of European Cup (semi-finals)
Sunday, July 10 - Stauferzug, Staufer market, Schwörtag, Public Viewing of European Cup Final.

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