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Posted 13/10/14

Schwäbisch Gmünd exceeds the two-million mark

……and is the most visited National Horticultural Show of all previous 25 editions in Baden-Württemberg.

two million visitorsJust before the final whistle for the Garden Show Schwäbisch Gmünd, Mayor Richard Arnold, First Mayor Dr. Joachim Bläse, administrator Klaus Pavel and the two State Garden Show CEO Karl-Eugen Ebertshäuser and Manfred Maile stood ready at the entrance to the sky garden to honour the two millionth visitor.

Andreas Biesinger (41) from Bempflingen and his two children received congratulations and a colorful mix of gifts. Gold helium-filled balloons and the sound of Gmuender  fanfare drummers and trumpeters signalled the 2,000,000 visitor followed by a big bang and a confetti cannon let colourful scraps of paper rain down from the skytower.

Father of a family, Andreas was delighted, his parents and in-laws had previously visited the Gmuender State Garden Show and highly recommend him to go. In addition to the champagne reception to which other visitors were also summoned, there was some gifts for the three of Bempflingen, packed in the new State Garden Show Banner Bag by lemonfish, a bath towel, Gmuender greetings, the Schleich Unicorn, an umbrella and among other things, two lanterns from the Gmünder Souvenir Shop.
The souvenir shop at the State Garden Show will remain open after October 12 for the time being, probably until the end of the year.

OstabtischeSeveral community area meals including Huettlingen serving Bratwurst, Lorch with freshly squeezed apple juice, pumpkin carving for children and a "traditional Lorcher" meal and Ruppertshofen providing pumpkin soup and sauerkraut served with black pudding and liver sausage( where all proceeds will go to a new children's play area in their community) continued at the Ostalbtisch. This culminating in the final Ostalb garden state garden show Schwäbisch Gmünd meal for the invited 50 Mayors of the Ostalbtisch circle. Together with 500 visitors gathered around the table they enjoyed hearty food and beer. Special celebrity guest EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger was also there with Ob. Richard Arnold.

best chairPresentation of the best community chair around the table also took place during the week. Remszeitung interviewed Garden Show visitors and they decided Eschach has the most beautiful chair, Second place goes to forest Stetten, followed by Iggingen in third.

According to a visitor survey, which extended in the four sections over the entire period, on average 42 per cent of visitors over the 166 days attended with an average of 2.8 children. Water play area, bouncy castle, Ball pit, hemp maze, playgrounds along the Josef Bach, youth mile, Remsstrand, to name only a few, parents and children equally liked everything that was offered.

flowershowA big response came to the terrific twelve flower shows, which always hid an emotional and thoughtful background and became a strong magnet for visitors. The florists deserve great thanks for their nightly missions, they had only one day in the reconstruction break in the Floral Hall each time the theme changed. Furthermore, they presented elements of their shows for auction, indeed the foyer of the Congress-Centrum city garden was bursting at the seams at the last auction.

Several thousand euro were raised which went to good causes as donations to various organizations.
The sale of the floristic objects from the “Objects of mourning” themed Flower Show "Everything has its time" itself provided € 640 donated to the hospice in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

The Federal Garden Show for 2019 will be held in Heilbronn. An official delegation including Mayor Harry Marl and BuGa CEO Hanspeter Faas visited the Schwäbisch Gmünd garden show to take a look and seek advice and tips from their respective counterparts.

The final day of the State Garden Show Schwäbisch Gmünd 2014 a day tens of thousands of visitors wanted to experience.

The lantern march from the sky garden on the sky ladder into the earth realm in the early evening had so many children with parents was that it was almost impossible to count the many lanterns. Certainly there were many hundreds. At their arrival in the earth realm already about 20,000 people lined the streets, in front of the Forum Gold and Silver, the Rems boardwalk and bridges to Rococo castle and Remspark stage where Old Johnny's crew entertained.

lightshowAt least 1200 people attended the State Garden Show city of 2016 handover to Öhringen. The Öhringer day was a great spectacle including flags handover with Minister Alexander Bonde.
What to do? Listen to the National Police Orchestra before the rococo castle, or arrive early to secure the best seats for the acrobatic fire show "Flammandra".
The 13-minute show with lots of impressive effects and a big bang at the end.

Mounted on both banks of the river bank, Bengal fire burning for ten minutes with Mick Baumeister playing on a Grand piano his variation of the film music Twilight theme song.
Then 30 seconds later and 200 meters away on the Remspark stage Heinz and the Bembel got going and made for a jolly finale.

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