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Posted 05/07/13

A garden show in the middle of life!

garden show logo

Only 299 days to go and counting.....................

...... and Schwäbisch Gmünd will host the State Garden Show 2014.

Background information - See News entry 3.5.2012 below.

Since 1980 there has been a Landesgartenschau in Baden-Württemberg region. 
The aims of such an event is to improve the quality of life and the ecological environment, have urban and regional development policy goals and support the realization of urban planning concepts. It is also very important for the marketing of each city chosen as host.  

The first national garden show in Baden-Württemberg was in 1980 in Ulm / Neu-Ulm, Schwäbisch Hall followed in 1982. 

The State Garden Show 2014 is an important coup for Schwäbisch Gmünd and the entire region. It makes a lasting contribution to the attractiveness of the city and strengthens the life and economy of Ostwürttemberg.

Schwäbisch Gmünd  have identified "five fingers" to characterise their State Garden Show 2014,

City Park
Josef Bach 
Track area / Youth Park 
Landscape Park Wetzgau

So how do you make a garden show right into a lively, vibrant and historic city of extraordinary cultural? 
Meeting this challenge is the oldest Staufer town of Schwäbisch Gmünd with the design and orientation of the State Garden Show in 2014. The watercourses in the Rems and Josef Bach have become a walkable experience, the city garden at the Rems is the magical heart of a newly designed area, especially for families with children the mysterious and exciting forests in Taubental lure to explore and in Country Park Wetzgau you can marvel at the diversity of medicinal plants and gardens of natural cosmetics and remedies manufacturer Weleda, play at Pond landscapes, experience agriculture and forestry, climb the highest tower of the environment and still enjoy many other attractions.

plan of GS
















The range of “The Gmuender Horticultural Show” stretches from the plateau of the "sky garden" Wetzgau in the view of the Three Emperors mountains and down the escarpment through the forest area of the sky ladder to "Empire Earth" around the train station and city gardens, following the riverbed along the Josef Bach to the city center.

The State Garden Show 2014 in Schwäbisch Gmünd is a very special garden show.
Both rural and urban parts are to be regarded together, they are mutually dependent in the sense of two different aspects of one and the same system, which complement each other positively and therefore make it all possible, such as large and small, young are old or day and night. 

This particular polar compound of country and city then gives the idea for the design of the horticultural show. The polarity as it exists between the different parts of Schwäbisch Gmünd, runs through the whole of existence and finds an expressive counterpart in heaven and earth.

The sky corresponding to the area around Wetzgau and the Pigeon (Taubental valley), therefore call it sky garden. The city area is equal to the earth and therefore will accompany Earth as the Empire State Garden Show. The two areas of garden show Garden of Heaven and Earth Kingdom wear the geographic realities and at the same time illustrate the natural unity of man and nature through the reciprocal relationship between city and countryside.

The horticultural show at a glance

Venues "between heaven and earth"

  • Landscape Park Wetzgau
  • Pigeon- Taubental Valley
  • City Schwäbisch Gmünd
    Event Dates
  • 165 days of 30 April to 12 October 2014
  • Approximately 14 acres of land and 1 hectare water area
  • 4 km in the landscape park Wetzgau and 4 km in the
  • Bridges: construction of seven bridges, rehabilitation of two bridges (all open to the State Garden Show 2014)
  • Planting: planting 1,000 trees, 30,000 shrubs, 4,000 m² Spring flowers / summer flowers, flower meadow seeding with 6000 m²
    Expected Visits
  • 400,000, about 12,000 season tickets
    Costs - Euros
  • Total investment: 65 million
  • Cost: 42 million
  • Urban Percentage: 39 million    
  • Funding country: 20 million
  • Total investment (with private): 120 million
  • Parking is located at the former track area and the future development area Wetzgau II Wetzgau.
  • In the fenced area of ​​the state garden show there will be no permission for dogs. 
  • For dogs that are brought anyway, the alternative is to set up a contact point at the Landscape Park Wetzgau who will look after the care of the dogs during the stay of those owners in the fenced area.

    High up in the sky

    High up in the Sky Garden

    On the beautiful plateau at Wetzgau, the landscape park with an enchanting view of Schwäbisch Gmünd and the Three Emperors mountains, the sky garden welcomes visitors to the state garden show.

    discovery ladder

    Discovery tours of the sky ladder

    Link between top and bottom - between heaven and earth garden Empire - is the enchanted forest recreation area.


    empire earth


    Empire Earth: The Nature embraces the city

    In the kingdom of earth the city and nature meet. 
    As with any other garden shows Schwäbisch Gmünd combines a historic downtown with unique plants and water.


    Green islands, flower gates, exhibitions, concerts and events at the garden show program and enchanting scene set in historic old town to make the whole ensemble ‘Landesgartenschaugelände.’

    pictorial view

    Admission Prices / Tickets 2014

    Available in advance from the season tickets at reduced rates!

    The Ticket sale starts on 14 and 15 September 2013

    Day tickets


    € 16.00



    Family "small" (1 Adult)

    € 20.00

    Family "large" (2 Adults)

    € 36.00


    € 4.50

    School classes

    € 4.00


    € 14.00

    Discounted tickets

    • Trainee
    • Students
    • Federal financial aid recipient
    • Federal volunteers and conscripts
    • Welfare
    • Unemployed
    • Unemployment benefit II recipients
    • Basic security recipients
    • People with disabilities from 60 per cent
    • Students over 18 years
    • Owner of the family pass the town of Schwäbisch Gmünd  

    Parking fees - 3.00 EUR

    Highly recommended - Get your tickets early !!

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