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Queuing for the Staufer Saga!

Schwäbisch Gmünd expects more than 100,000 visitors for the Staufer jubilee.

The event in 2012 was originally branded a "dress rehearsal" for the Garden Festival in 2013 but is now developing its own surprising dynamics.

A gentleman who patiently waited his turn at the information centre on Saturday had to be sent away for the time being. Only volunteers participating in the Staufer festival were able to purchase tickets for the event on that day. Initially, the man was annoyed but then had to concede it was was only right that more than 660 helpers were given an opportunity to get tickets first.
Interest seems to be vast, one colleague queued from 8am in order to get to work by 9am but only managed to arrive at 9.30am.
However, there are six performances with more than 2,000 seats each so 12.000 tickets in total. Good to know!

ticket queuesOrganisers of the extravaganza are Alexander Groll and his team of volunteers.
He emphasises that the stage area will be visible from any seat.
Plans include a U-shaped stage construction around the choir of the Prediger which will be open towards the entrance of the Johanniskirche.
“Seating will be tiered to ensure visibility, unless you have someone particularly tall in front of you” jokes Alexander Groll,“The only difference between the price categories will be the distance to the stage area. Preparations for the festival have been going on for 18 months, such as sword fighting, flag waving and music making, the big catapult can now shoot a distance of 300 metres and 80 volunteer seamstresses are working on a plethora of costumes in the Gewandmeisterei, ( cloth workshop ) with 1093 participants so far, there is still a lot to do.”

Due to the workmanship and the donated valuable fabrics and semi-precious stones some of the finished costumes would cost a five-digit sum. Thousands of man-hours are being donated by companies and private persons, for example, the Goldsmith's works in Gmünd are creating the Staufer regalia such as the crown. In order to keep the cost to the council at a minimum many fundraising activities have been initiated. Businesses are selling Staufer themed goods such as the "Staufer Coin," a special pastry made and sold in shops and at the Christmas market by a local baker. battle scene

Casting for the stage play ( 'Staufer Saga' ) will take place in the near future.
The allocation of the parts has not been determined but I can reveal that Bud Spencer has twice publicly expressed an interest to take on the role of Emperor Barbarossa.
The exact contents of the play are also still under wraps but of course it will be about the rise and fall of the Staufer dynasty, a family saga you couldn't make up!
Despite some cruelty and violence the Staufers showed a great deal of cosmopolitanism, cultural awareness and a skill for argument and debate all still among the big topics of our times. Between their spectacular rise and fall you will see intrigues, murder, passion, friendship, bravery, loyalty, cruelty, in short, everything within human nature. The 3-hour-spectacular comprises crusade battles with up to 260 participants as well as the fortunes and disasters of individual characters. Performances are scheduled between 29. June and 7. July and tickets are still available for all dates. Further details and programme of events to follow.

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